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Your Best Debt Defense May Be Bankruptcy

December 27, 2015 Brian V. Lee

Unresolved debts can take an enormous toll on your overall quality of life. If you feel anxious every time your telephone rings or get a knot in your stomach when retrieving your mail, you may gain peace of mind by [ . . . ]

Bankruptcy is the Cure That Ails You

November 16, 2015 Brian V. Lee

Bankruptcy is not like drinking a cold milkshake. It’s not like lying on the beach, soaking up the sun. Or having a drink at the club with your friends. Bankruptcy isn’t for everyone or for every situation. And bankruptcy isn’t [ . . . ]

Causes of Debt

October 20, 2015 Brian V. Lee

There are many different causes of debt. The TV quiz show Jeopardy! recently addressed five types. Student loans Seven in ten students graduate with student loan debt, which is now bigger than both auto loans and credit cards. And student [ . . . ]

Old Apartment Lawsuit: Broken Leases

September 25, 2015 Brian V. Lee

Are you now facing an old apartment lawsuit for a broken lease? Have you moved out of an apartment and still owe rent? There are lots of reasons to move out of an apartment without paying all of the rent [ . . . ]

Bankruptcy is NOT a Last Resort

September 14, 2015 Brian V. Lee

You may have heard the myth repeated so many times that it takes on the air of authority. “Bankruptcy is a last resort.” Well, it’s just not true. Sure, you could struggle. You could drain fully protected retirement or savings [ . . . ]

The Sick Culture of Wealth

August 29, 2015 Brian V. Lee

Bill Maher wants us to think about “the sick culture of wealth,” or America’s unseemly worship of obscene wealth. In June 2015 we learned that Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer was responsible for slaying one of Zimbabwe’s most beloved lions, [ . . . ]

Statehood for Washington, D.C.

August 10, 2015 Brian V. Lee

The residents of Washington, D.C. have only one “shadow” representative in Congress, Eleanor Holmes-Norton, who is a non-voting delegate to the US House of Representatives. Congress also has the final say over D.C.’s budget and laws. D.C.’s license plates read, [ . . . ]

Should I Get a Credit Card After Bankruptcy?

August 1, 2015 Brian V. Lee

Once you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will be flooded with new credit card offers. It may seem counter-intuitive, but you should get a credit card after bankruptcy. Credit card companies are not doing you a favor. Once you receive [ . . . ]

Bankruptcy Can Actually Improve Your Credit Score

March 5, 2015 Brian V. Lee

An excellent new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York examines the effects on households resulting from the 2005 change in bankruptcy laws. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) was signed into law by President [ . . . ]