Kill the Poor — Dead Kennedys

October 30, 2016 Brian V. Lee

Efficiency and progress is ours once more Now that we have the neutron bomb It’s nice and quick and clean And gets things done Away with excess enemy But no less value to property No sense in war, but perfect sense [ . . . ]

The Debt Buying Industry

October 27, 2016 Brian V. Lee

Delinquent debt has given rise to an entire debt buying industry. When a debt becomes seriously delinquent, the bank holding the debt will write it off then sell it to a debt buyer, like Midland Funding, for a tiny fraction of [ . . . ]

Top 6 Reasons Loan Modifications Are Denied

October 25, 2016 Brian V. Lee

When facing foreclosure, the best way to get your mortgage back on track is to obtain a modification. You will need to complete your lender’s loss mitigation package. Loss mitigation involves the submission of various financial documents and a Request for [ . . . ]

Rich Girl — Hall & Oates

October 23, 2016 Brian V. Lee

You’re a rich girl And you’ve gone too far ‘Cause you know it don’t matter, anyway You can rely on the old man’s money You can rely on the old man’s money It’s a bitch girl But it’s gone too [ . . . ]

Should I Worry About My Fiance’s Bankruptcy?

October 17, 2016 Brian V. Lee

Marriage is much more than the spiritual union between two people. Marriage also joins two otherwise completely separate lives — socially, legally, and financially. A problem in one spouse’s life will affect both, and that includes any financial problems, too. [ . . . ]

Bitter Sweet Symphony — The Verve

October 14, 2016 Brian V. Lee

‘Cause it’s a bitter sweet symphony This life, try to make ends meet You’re a slave to money then you die I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down You know the one that takes you To [ . . . ]

Money Changes Everything — Cyndi Lauper

October 2, 2016 Brian V. Lee

She said, I’m sorry, baby I’m leaving you tonight I found someone new He’s waitin’ in the car outside Ah honey how could you do it We swore each other everlasting love She said, well, yeah I know but when [ . . . ]