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The Debt Buying Industry

October 27, 2016 Brian V. Lee

Delinquent debt has given rise to an entire debt buying industry. When a debt becomes seriously delinquent, the bank holding the debt will write it off then sell it to a debt buyer, like Midland Funding, for a tiny fraction of [ . . . ]

Top 6 Reasons Loan Modifications Are Denied

October 25, 2016 Brian V. Lee

When facing foreclosure, the best way to get your mortgage back on track is to obtain a modification. You will need to complete your lender’s loss mitigation package. Loss mitigation involves the submission of various financial documents and a Request for [ . . . ]

Should I Worry About My Fiance’s Bankruptcy?

October 17, 2016 Brian V. Lee

Marriage is much more than the spiritual union between two people. Marriage also joins two otherwise completely separate lives — socially, legally, and financially. A problem in one spouse’s life will affect both, and that includes any financial problems, too. [ . . . ]