If you want to stop foreclosure in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, you must act quickly to protect your rights. If you have missed mortgage payments and a foreclosure auction or court hearing, contact the foreclosure lawyers at Lee Legal today. Your lender will not stop the foreclosure process until the sale of your home is complete. We will fight for your rights.

The experienced foreclosure prevention attorneys at Lee Legal can help you determine your options. You may want simply to “buy some time” in which to figure out which option is right for you. We can help you:

  • Delay or stop a foreclosure sale or auction
  • Obtain a modification, short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
  • File Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop foreclosure
  • Negotiate more favorable mortgage terms
  • Review mortgage documents to determine chain of title
  • “Strip” unsecured equity loans

We will work closely with you to identify and prepare a strategy specific to your individual circumstances and goals. Lee Legal will help you examine all of your options. Foreclosure can have a serious impact on both your credit score and tax liability, so you should seek legal advice on how best to proceed.

Hire a foreclosure attorney familiar with every aspect of the foreclosure process. If you are facing foreclosure, you have options, but you must be proactive! Don’t wait until it is too late.

Fidelity Fiduciary Bank — Mary Poppins

November 27, 2016 Brian V. Lee

If you invest your tuppence Wisely in the bank Safe and sound Soon that tuppence Safely invested in the bank Will compound And you’ll achieve That sense of conquest As your affluence expands In the hands of the directors Who [ . . . ]

The Debt Snowball and the Debt Avalanche

November 23, 2016 Brian V. Lee

I periodically review debt management books to see if there are any new methods that might be useful to my clients. I just finished the book Dear Debt: A Story About Breaking Up with Debt by Melanie Lockert. The book [ . . . ]

Hire an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

November 14, 2016 Brian V. Lee

Almost a year ago on December 1, 2015, major changes to the official bankruptcy forms took effect. One of the stated purposes of the changes was to make the forms easier. Unfortunately, the new forms did not accomplish that goal. [ . . . ]

When the Money’s Gone — Cher

November 13, 2016 Brian V. Lee

When the money’s gone Will you be my friend Float a small row boat Till our ship comes in When the winter nights Chill us to the soul Will you feed the fire Spin the straw to gold When the [ . . . ]

Money Made — AC/DC

November 6, 2016 Brian V. Lee

Work work, money made Work work, money made Work work, money made Work work, money made Then went down to LA They roped ’em in She couldn’t get away Spending cash all about The die was cast There’s no burning [ . . . ]

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