Hire an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Hire an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Almost a year ago on December 1, 2015, major changes to the official bankruptcy forms took effect. One of the stated purposes of the changes was to make the forms easier. Unfortunately, the new forms did not accomplish that goal. The official bankruptcy forms are now actually more difficult to complete. Even more changes to the forms are scheduled to take effect next month. It is more important than ever to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney.Hire an Experienced Bankruptcy AttorneyThe federal U.S. Courts system recommends that you hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney in its official Bankruptcy Form 2010:

Because bankruptcy can have serious long-term financial and legal consequences, including loss of your property, you should hire an attorney and carefully consider all of your options before you file.

Only an attorney can give you legal advice about what can happen as a result of filing for bankruptcy and what your options are.

Although the law allows you to represent yourself in bankruptcy court, you should understand that many people find it difficult to represent themselves successfully. The rules are technical, and a mistake or inaction may harm you.

Notice Required by 11 U.S.C. § 342(b) for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy

The consequences for improperly prepared bankruptcy filings can be severe, including dismissal, fines and imprisonment.  Lee Legal does not recommend that you attempt to file bankruptcy on your own. If you file without an attorney, you are still responsible for knowing and following all of the legal requirements. Mistakes can be extremely costly.

Don’t Go It Alone: Hire an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy laws help people who can no longer pay their creditors to get a fresh start. The Bankruptcy Code also protects troubled businesses and provides for orderly distributions to business creditors. Lee Legal has assisted hundreds of financially distressed businesses and individuals. We will help you:

  • Fully analyze your financial situation
  • Explore all of your rights and options
  • Save time and money
  • Avoid missteps and negative repercussions
  • Advance your long-term financial goals

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, then consider consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to determine your best course of action. Lee Legal serves the entire Washington, D.C. metro area, including Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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