Dolla Diva — Galactic (feat. David Shaw & Maggie Koerner)

dolla diva by galactic - music about money

You’s a dolla diva
You’s a dolla dolla diva

I’m not sure what you want to be
I got a drinking problem
Of the third degree
It don’t take too much
To get a rise out of me
Go off in the night
Like a blind banshee

But you know I get it
Gotta be moving on
Pack up my bags
Put my stuff on the lawn
Cause this time
I got too much wrong
I need a little room to breathe

You’s a dolla diva
You’s a dolla dolla diva

Got a motorcycle and a bottle of gin
I’ma go downtown
And see what I can get in
Up in hustler’s paradise
Where the women are thin
With the D-cup implants and the collagen

“Why can’t you love me for free?”
Cause when I’m drunk
You’re going to take all of my rent money
And give it to the man upstairs
Even though he don’t care
He don’t care

Don’t you come up anybody
With your solo money
I want you out the door
Cause your girlfriend lie
And the girls online
Don’t talk to you no more

You got your boots hide off
And your cocaine train
I’m pushing it on the floor
I feel like, I feel like, I feel like
I feel like it’s time to go

You’s a dolla diva
You’s a dolla dolla diva

That girl’s bad for my health
She bangs like shotgun shells
We fight like tooth and nail
Make love so well
Like cats in Hell

I can’t control it now
Someone please show me how
I know the reason why
She’s leaving me all to myself

You’s a dolla diva
You’s a dolla dolla diva

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