Just Got Paid — Johnny Kemp

October 29, 2017 Brian V. Lee

Just got paid, Friday night Party huntin’, feeling right Body shaking, all around No one thinks when I’m gettin’ down Check the mirror, looking fly Round up my posse, jump in my ride Radio rocking, a monster jam Feel the [ . . . ]

Foreclosure Non-Retention Options

October 26, 2017 Brian V. Lee

If you have a property in foreclosure, your mortgage lender will likely send you all sorts of correspondence. You may have modification or reinstatement options, which is great if you want to retain the property. But for a variety of [ . . . ]

Cash Machine — Hard-Fi

October 22, 2017 Brian V. Lee

Go to a cash machine To get a ticket home Message on the screen Says don’t make plans, you’re broke No, no this can’t be right I know that time is tight I’ve only just been paid It’s been three [ . . . ]

The Key to Saving is Living Below Your Means

October 18, 2017 Brian V. Lee

Have you ever heard of Parkinson’s Law? It was first articulated by C. Northcote Parkinson in an article in The Economist in 1955. Parkinson’s Law is the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Parkinson’s [ . . . ]

Preparing for a Deposition

October 16, 2017 Brian V. Lee

A deposition is basically out-of-court testimony, made under oath, and recorded by a court reporter. Depositions are taken during litigation for later use in pleadings or during trial. Preparing for a deposition can be nerve-wracking, but it is far preferable [ . . . ]

We Hate Money — Spose

October 15, 2017 Brian V. Lee

We hate money Broke people stand up If you lack cash, put a hand up We hate money And all the people getting paid Throw all your money on stage We hate money Dollars, cash, cheese Unless you’re gonna give [ . . . ]

Class Divide: Classism in Microcosm in NYC

October 10, 2017 Brian V. Lee

The HBO documentary Class Divide examines wealth disparity in the West Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. Specifically, the film toggles between the very wealthy young students of the Avenues School and the very poor living right across the street [ . . . ]

Mr. Rockefeller — Bette Midler

October 8, 2017 Brian V. Lee

“Hi, operator.” “May I help you?” “Yeah, it’s me again. Did you get him on the line yet? Oh, this is awful. I’ve been trying to get him all day. No, it’s okay. I’ll wait.” Mr. Rockefeller, how are you? [ . . . ]

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