The DC HomeSaver Program

The DC HomeSaver Program

In September 2010, the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency (DCHFA) started the DC HomeSaver Program. The program is part of the Hardest Hit Fund and offers foreclosure prevention services for District of Columbia homeowners. A sliding scale of eligibility offers mortgage payment assistance up to 24 months and/or up to $60,000. Eligibility for the DC […]

You Can’t Rush Litigation

Most litigants would like to see the speedy resolution of their lawsuits. Litigation is time-consuming and expensive. But your litigation strategy should not indicate to your opponent that you are eager to settle or seem hurried to come to judgment. You can’t rush litigation. The scheduling order In every case, there is a scheduling order […]

Select the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer for You

Select the best bankruptcy lawyer for you. Make a personal connection, communicate, and ask questions. If you have a problem and want to tell someone about it, then you will probably want to tell a friend. Friends listen, and although they may not always understand, they always try. That’s why they’re you’re friends. We all […]

What Is Preforeclosure?

What Is Preforeclosure?

Preforeclosure (or pre-foreclosure) is the period between default on a mortgage and the formal, legal foreclosure process. Mortgage companies typically distinguish these stages by the length of delinquency. The formal foreclosure process in Virginia and Maryland commences between three and six months of default. Foreclosures in Washington, DC typically begin between four and 10 months […]

Student Loans and Financial Well-Being

Student Loans and Economic Well-Being -- Lee Legal -- DC VA MD

A Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households (May 2017) by the Federal Reserve offers some key insights into the economic status of American consumers. The report makes several striking findings about student loans and financial well-being. College graduates are struggling financially The report found that, in large numbers, young graduates struggle to pay their loans and […]

The Lottery is a Tax on People Who are Bad at Math

Lottery is a Tax on People Who are Bad at Math

The odds of winning Powerball is one in 259 million. For Mega Millions, it’s one in 292 million. For most people, these numbers are beyond actual comprehension. The only way to win the lottery is not to play at all. The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math. People play games […]

The Power and Complexity of the New Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plans

New Chapter 13 bankruptcy Plans took effect nationwide on December 1, 2017. Trustees, creditors and debtors alike are grappling with the new Plans, which are the result of extensive revision by nationally-recognized leaders in bankruptcy practice. What is a Chapter 13 Plan? When you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are doing so for one […]