Issues — Gary Soulz

Issues -- Gary Soulz

A fella just got fired
How he gonna pay the rent now
He just rear-ended a whip
How he gonna fix that dent now
Mind you, his name is not on no policy
Pops said “No” because his pocket’s weak
And add the fact that
He’s an expert at bars
But not for a law degree
Mother can’t afford her debt
Had to file for bankruptcy
College got his sister owing thousands
Even though she got that grant money
He had to get some homies out jail n shizz
Their folks wouldn’t pay their bail n shizz
And his homegirl’s out angry, fighting at court
Cuz she ain’t get child support

Just keep your head up
There is no going forward when you’re looking down
So never give up
The door is there you just gotta look around
We all going through it whether you broke or rich
Insecurity’s on the low
Even with the dopest chick
Realities of mom’s at home, pops is gone
Cuz he was out too busy turning into crack fiend
Or mom’s at home, pops is gone
Bills got him hurt
So he’s working overnight to stack cream
Even the old white man stressin’
Believe he has it all
Yet has his dome against a Smith and Wesson
You’ll always see me walkin’ with a smile
But bet there’s shizz pulling me down
Ya homie, got issues

It ain’t just you
We all got issues
Sometimes it makes you want to cry
Sometimes it makes you want to lay down and die
We all got issues
Got issues, got issues
We all got issues
Got issues, got issues

Got a lot of issues on my plate
But I’ma eat em up, n—-
Nearing the climax ready to bust n—-
That HOV lane like what up, jigga
Five zeros is settling
Below a Millie ain’t enough, n—-
Land of the free or the land of the beast
They hands up yet getting blamed with the piece
Can’t even call the police
Without busting off shells from the chrome
Nowadays they throw you in jail or you’re blown
Killing at an all time high
Uncle Sam, question for you: is you on our side?
They’re aiming and firing like we got nine lives
Why you shooting?
He’s innocent, he ain’t done no crime
It’s about that time for the fella to get it
My homie, I’m next on the road to the riches
You throwing shots, think you f—ing with me
I guess you don’t know how shizz going to be
Just got yourself issues

We all got our issues
Before you give up look around you, my homie
We struggling with you
I know that you’re losing your patience
But there’s hope, put down that pistol
This for me people out fighting their pains
Thinking bout what they gotta do to make a change

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