My Currency is Doubt — Todd Farrell Jr. & The Dirty Birds

My Currency is Doubt - Todd Farrell and the Dirty Birds

My currency is doubt
And my pockets are deep
It funds my heartache
Bankrupts my sleep

My currency is doubt
And I spend all the time
I spend it on her intentions
I spend it on mine

My currency is doubt
And I’m well on my way
To King of the Lonely
Dallier of the Day

My currency is doubt
But it’s all I’ve got
To compliment the memory
Of a time I lost

Well, she took my breath
And she took away my pride
If only I could take her
On one last ride

I’d decorate her finger
With diamonds and gold
And she’d never be lonely
When the wind gets cold

But I predicted the weather
So I’ve got no excuse
While my heart burns for her heart
Mine’s just being used

‘Cause she loves another
It’s black and white
That my heart was wrong
And my doubt was right

There’s an ancient river
That bares her name
That promised freedom
On its muddy banks

But her river’s dying
It’s fell into drought
From my weary heart
And my surplus of doubt

Well it’s ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
I’ll give up the dream
Of what’s left of us

My currency is doubt
But I’m cashing in
Let some other river
Wash away my sins

Lord, I surrender
I can’t keep up this game
Take away my sorrow
Take away my pain

But if only one burden
I pray to live without
I can live with what’s certain
Just take away my doubt

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