No Money No Honey — Fidlar

No Money No Honey — Fidlar

I’m going down, down to the river
I’m gonna bring a 30-pack
I’m gonna drink with all my good friends
And I ain’t ever, ever coming back

I got no money and I’m starving
I got nothing left
Spent it all on golden honey
And two lines of meth

I’m gonna chug a lot of Jim Beam
‘Til my face turns brown and blue
I’m gonna get in my car and start it
And drive right over you

I got nothing else to live for
I got nowhere to be
Spent my money on that honey
And life in the beam

I wanna tell you that I like you
But my heart is black and blue
And you say that’s such a bad idea
That’s hard to swallow, but it’s harder to chew

You probably think that this is funny
As I do, too
I gotta keep on just laughing
Or I am through

I’m going back down to the river
I’m gonna find my duffel bag
I’m gonna stick my puppy in it
And drown him till his tail won’t wag

‘Cause I can’t spend any more money
I can’t give him a bed
I get a feed it golden honey
Or two scoops of meth

And the next thing you know I cannot feel
My airbag’s open on my steering wheel
I guess that that oak tree was kinda real
Now I gotta skip this town

I’ve gotta call up max and Elvis
And tell them how I feel
They’re gonna call me a f—— p—-
And pass me a couple beers

We got no money, got no honey
We got nothing left
Spent it all on golden honey
And two lines of meth

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