Make the Most of Foreclosure Mediation in Washington DC

April 27, 2018 Brian V. Lee

In order to foreclose in the District of Columbia, a mortgage lender must submit to mandatory foreclosure mediation. The District’s Foreclosure Mediation Program requires lenders to mediate in good faith with borrowers. Foreclosure litigation in DC offers several stages at which [ . . . ]

Should I File Bankruptcy or Divorce First?

April 24, 2018 Brian V. Lee

Divorce can be messy. Bankruptcy cleans up messes. But whether you should file bankruptcy or divorce first depends on your specific circumstances. In some cases, filing bankruptcy before divorce makes sense. In other cases, filing bankruptcy before the finalization of a [ . . . ]

Old Folks Boogie — Little Feat

April 21, 2018 Brian V. Lee

Off our rockers Acting crazy With the right medication We won’t be lazy Doing the old folks boogie Down on the farm With wheelchairs They was locked arm in arm Paired off pacemakers With matching alarms Gives us just one [ . . . ]

Lee Legal Will Take Your Collection Calls

April 18, 2018 Brian V. Lee

Creditors can be really annoying. Collection calls and correspondence can disrupt your life and cause unfortunate and unnecessary embarrassment. If you know that you’re about to file bankruptcy, you can relieve the pressure before you file. Lee Legal will take your collection calls [ . . . ]

Work Hard, Play Hard — Wiz Khalifa

April 15, 2018 Brian V. Lee

Work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard Work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard Work Diamonds all on my ring, player Gold watches, gold chain, player Hundred thou’ on champagne, player Yeah, my money insane, player Yeah I’m making it [ . . . ]

Open-File Litigation

April 10, 2018 Brian V. Lee

At Lee Legal, we employ an open-file litigation style. We believe the point of litigation should be to discover the truth. That maxim holds whether the case is settled, arbitrated, or tried by judge or jury. It also means that if [ . . . ]

Ching Ching — Wolfgang Gartner

April 8, 2018 Brian V. Lee

Say hey! If you always buy a drink and smoke You’ll go broke Just give it away ‘Cause you know You can’t take it to the grave Say hey! When you’re holding on to too many keys That’s just free [ . . . ]

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