Retain a Foreclosure Lawyer in DC from the Start

Retain a Foreclosure Lawyer in DC -- LEE LEGAL -- DC foreclosure lawyer

Retain a foreclosure lawyer in DC from the start of the foreclosure lawsuit.  Not in the middle, not at the end. You may forfeit or waive many options if you do not participate actively in the litigation.

Retain a Foreclosure Lawyer in DC -- LEE LEGAL -- DC foreclosure lawyer

Show that you’re engaged

With counsel present, you show the court you’re actively engaged in the litigation. You also send a signal to your mortgage lender that you are serious about keeping your home.

Judges regularly suggest to homeowners that they consult with counsel at the outset of the litigation. Heed this warning well. You greatly improve your chances of a favorable outcome when represented by a lawyer retained to advance your interests in the litigation.

Keep your options open

Once you receive the complaint for judicial foreclosure, your ability to obtain a mortgage modification decreases with each passing week. Your lawyer will help keep modification as a viable option. Once your lender obtains judment against you, modification is not an option.

Sales and short-sales take time, and a foreclosure auction can be scheduled quickly if you do not participate. Even if you intend to surrender the property, you should retain counsel to negotiate an antideficiency clause on your behalf.

Retain a foreclosure lawyer in DC to maximize your options

If you maximize your available options, you allow yourself greater flexibility in dealing with your lender. The more options that are open to you, the greater your chances  of obtaining the loss mitigation option that you actually want. Lee legal Works closely with clients to obtain favorable outcomes in foreclosure litigation in DC. Call us for a free consultation.

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