Summertime — George Gershwin

July 26, 2019 LaTashia Williams

SummertimeAnd the living is easyFish are jumpingAnd the cotton is high Your daddy’s richAnd your mamma’s good-lookingSo hush, little babyDon’t you cry One of these morningsYou’re going to rise up singingThen you’ll spread your wingsAnd you’ll take to the sky [ . . . ]

Freaky Money — RuPaul

July 21, 2019 Brian V. Lee

Good evening, everybodyI’m so happy ya’ll was up in hereMy name is Miss Valerie ValentineI’ll be your hostess and MC this eveningHow’s everybody doing? Kiss me like you miss youHump me like you hate meShoot a movie on my faceTake [ . . . ]

99 Revolutions — Green Day

July 8, 2019 Brian V. Lee

There’s a trouble in the airA rumble in the streetsA going out of business saleAnd a race to bankruptcyIt’s not one to 99, it’s 99 to oneA common cause and a call to armsFor the health of our daughtersAnd our [ . . . ]