The Wall Street Shuffle — 10cc

The Wall Street Shuffle -- 10cc

Do the Wall Street shuffle
Hear the money rustle
Watch the greenbacks tumble
Feel the sterling crumble

You need a yen to make a mark
If you want to make money
You need the luck to make a buck
If you want to be Getty, Rothschild
You’ve gotta be cool on Wall Street

You’ve gotta be cool on Wall Street
When your index is low
Dow Jones ain’t got time for the bums
They wind up on skid row
With holes in their pockets
They plead with you
Buddy, can you spare the dime
But you ain’t got the time
Doin’ the
Doin’ the

Oh, Howard Hughes
Did your money make you better
Are you waiting for the hour
When you can screw me
‘Cause you’re big enough

To do the Wall Street Shuffle
Let your money hustle
Bet you’d sell your mother
You can buy another
Doin’ the
Doin’ the

You buy and sell
You wheel and deal
But you’re living on instinct
You get a tip
You follow it
And you make a big killing

On Wall Street

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