Select the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer for You

Select the best bankruptcy lawyer for you. Make a personal connection, communicate, and ask questions.

Select the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer for You - DC VA MD - LEE LEGAL

If you have a problem and want to tell someone about it, then you will probably want to tell a friend. Friends listen, and although they may not always understand, they always try. That’s why they’re you’re friends. We all count on our friends for their empathy and compassion.

Similarly, if you have a financial problem, you should tell someone about it. But if you are considering bankruptcy, don’t tell a friend. Instead, tell a bankruptcy lawyer who listens and understands. Here’s how to select the best bankruptcy lawyer for you.

Make time

Many cases have specific intricacies and dilemmas, while other cases are both intricacy- and dilemma-free. Either way, your case is specific to you. Bankruptcy requires confidentiality and concentration, but most importantly, concern. Don’t hire a lawyer who doesn’t take your calls or constantly pushes you off to an assistant or paralegal. Select a lawyer who will make the time for you.

Disclose, read, respond

Disclose everything to your lawyer and keep no secrets. Read everything you lawyer sends you. Come clean in your initial consultation.

But first and foremost, communicate with your lawyer. Respond promptly to every email promptly. Return your lawyer’s calls if you’re not available to talk. Take responsibility for your bankruptcy case.

No success assured

We give our clients an estimation of their chances of winning in any situation. We will provide you with an honest assessment of your situation. No lawyer in any action can assure success. But success is a lot rarer in situations without a lawyer.

Once you know that you should file bankruptcy, we take it from there. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy code sets strict and unyielding penalties for insufficient disclosure and local rules violations. Complex issues are rarely obvious at first. We need to work together to meet the statutory deadlines.

Select the best bankruptcy lawyer for you

First, get comfortable. Time granted should be time taken. You should not feel rushed when discussing your circumstances. Talk about yourself. You’ll have plenty of time to question your lawyer later. Let him ask you about you. You are why you’re in his office. Your financial future is at stake. Developing trust with your attorney is an important step in the prosecution of your case.

Your bankruptcy lawyer should help you work through your issues and develop a feasible plan. Certainly, you should select a lawyer who has substantial experience in bankruptcy. But you should also select the best bankruptcy lawyer for you: someone with whom you can communicate well.

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