Lee Legal takes on just a few carefully selected litigation cases each year. Every story has two sides, but we prefer cases where our client has the better story. We prefer not just to win, but to be right. At Lee Legal, we fight the good fight.

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The relative size and resources of our opponent, whether real or apparent, do not factor into our decision on which clients we retain. We believe that right makes might.

And we prefer to rely on the facts. If you have a good story to tell, we want to help you tell it.

Know Who You’re Fighting

In many cases there are many bad actors. You, too, may not be without fault. Rarely does a plaintiff enter litigation with clean hands. Those cases are usually settled before a lawsuit is even filed.

But you must know who it is you are fighting. You must specifically identify the defendant and all co-defendants in a lawsuit. And you must state with precision what action or nonaction each defendant did that caused you harm. Those are called “damages.”

The whole world is not out to get you. You cannot list everyone who is tangentially connected with the defendant as a co-defendant. On the other hand, if you have suffered harm at the hands of an individual, that person’s actions may give rise to liability for a corporation. Or for an accomplice, or a security company, or some other individual or entity.

Get It Together

Once you figure out who to sue, get your story together. Articulating a convincing, evidentiarily cohesive narrative to the fact-finder — to a judge or to a jury — is the most difficult task we have. One of the questions we ask our clients is: How do you think the defendant will respond to these allegations? Our clients are often dead-on. This, too, helps craft our case.

A lawsuit (which starts with the “complaint”) is your opportunity to have a neutral arbiter decide whether you have been wronged, and whether you are owed money as a result. Before you even speak to attorney, jot down some notes — no more than a page — in chronological order. If you convince us, we’ll convince a jury.

Talk It Out

In the litigation context, uncontroverted facts are very helpful to have. Many people with strong cases are nevertheless reluctant to sue, even where the other party is clearly in the wrong. You cannot rely on a recalcitrant or adversarial counterparty to do the right thing. Lee Legal always attempts to settle first. But we will litigate any case we take on because our clients are always in the right.

If you’re ready to fight the good fight, you have to take the first step yourself. Call us. We can help you.

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