Top 10 Myths About Bankruptcy

top 10 myths about bankruptcy

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, consult with an attorney to help you understand your options. You should not take lightly the choice to file bankruptcy. But you should also not dread bankruptcy for the wrong reasons. Don’t fall prey to fake news. It’s time to dispel a few myths about bankruptcy. Myth 1: You will […]

What is a Proof of Claim in Bankruptcy?

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In bankruptcy, a Proof of Claim is a creditor’s written statement detailing the creditor’s claim against the debtor. A Proof of Claim is usually filed in Chapter 13 cases. But Proofs of Claim are sometimes filed in Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 cases, as well. Why file a Proof of Claim? A creditor may be […]

What is the Statement of Intention?

What is the Statement of Intention?

When a homeowner files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, the very first page of the bankruptcy filing that the mortgage company turns to is the Statement of Intention. The Statement of Intention (or Statement of Intent) discloses the debtor’s intention toward secured property, like cars and homes. In the Statement of Intention, the debtor states […]

16 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy

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There are no stupid questions. You probably have very reasonable questions about how filing bankruptcy will affect you personally. Over the years, I have answered many recurring questions. Here are the 16 most frequently asked questions about bankruptcy. If I file for bankruptcy, can I keep my belongings? Yes, in most cases. For the vast […]

Business Bankruptcy: Chapter 7

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If your company or business is so far in debt that it can’t continue business operations, consider business bankruptcy. Many different types of businesses can be good candidates for under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Business Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Chapter 7 bankruptcy for a business requires complete liquidation of assets. All business assets (if there are any) […]