The Bankruptcy Threat in Debt Settlement Negotiations

June 21, 2014 Brian V. Lee 0

When attempting to settle a debt or otherwise negotiate with a creditor, the bankruptcy threat is a potent weapon. The credible threat of bankruptcy from your attorney can induce a creditor to reconsider his position during negotiations. Creditors More Willing to Negotiate If You Are Willing to File [ . . . ]

Debt Collection Companies and Negotiating Debts

April 30, 2013 Brian V. Lee 0

For all of the harassing debt collection calls and for all of the threatening letters that my clients receive, it’s amazing how many of these calls and letters come from just a few debt collection agencies. Bank of America, Citibank, [ . . . ]

Debt Settlement Companies are Rip-Offs

May 15, 2010 Brian V. Lee 0

There exists no independent research on the success rates of so-called “debt settlement” companies. Both internal company reports and copious anecdotal evidence suggest that fewer than one in four of those who hire these companies actually complete their programs. Even more [ . . . ]

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

July 28, 2009 Brian V. Lee 0

The decision to declare bankruptcy is usually a difficult one. To get started, I thought I would lay out the alternatives to bankruptcy, namely Budgeting, Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement. BUDGETING: If you can find a way to pay your [ . . . ]