Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Serving Washington DC Area

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia -- LEE LEGAL -- DC VA MD

Mortgage companies have lawyers. If you are seriously delinquent on your mortgage, then you need your own foreclosure defense lawyer. Once your mortgage company schedules a foreclosure auction, your options become more limited. Contact a lawyer as soon as you know you won’t be able to reinstate prior to foreclosure. Foreclosure defense lawyer in Washington […]

Lee Legal Will Fight Your Foreclosure

Lee Legal Will Fight Your Foreclosure

Real estate is usually the most valuable asset that people own. When your home is on the line, do not attempt to litigate a foreclosure on your own. Lee Legal will fight your foreclosure for you. If you are facing foreclosure, you have options, but you must act quickly. Simply allowing a foreclosure to happen […]

Will Foreclosure Affect My Spouse’s Credit?

Will Foreclosure Affect My Spouse's Credit?

When facing foreclosure, wanting to protect your spouse is a natural instinct. Whether your foreclosure will affect your spouse depends upon whether the mortgage loan was a joint debt. Going through a foreclosure is never easy. But a foreclosure is even more stressful when it affects loved ones, especially a spouse. Love makes you ask yourself the question: […]

How to Stop a Foreclosure in Alexandria Virginia

stop foreclosure in alexandria virginia

When you fall behind on your house payments, the mortgage lender will move forward with foreclosure. In Arlington and Alexandria in Virginia, your lender will take all of the necessary steps to seize and sell your home in order to repay the debt balance that you owe. Once the foreclosure process starts, it can be […]