How to Recover from Foreclosure

How to Recover from Foreclosure in DC VA MD -- Lee Legal -- Foreclosure Lawyer

Facing foreclosure on your home can be one of life’s biggest challenges. You have options if you want to save your home, but sometimes allowing the foreclosure to take place is your best option. If you have to let go of your home, here’s how to recover from foreclosure. Settle in and settle down Lots […]

Questions for Your Mortgage Company If You’re Facing Foreclosure

4 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Company If You're Facing Foreclosure -- LEE LEGAL -- DC VA MD

If you’re facing foreclosure, stay in contact with your mortgage company. Do not ignore them when they call, and do not ignore their correspondence. Instead, reach out to your lender to determine your options. You will have questions for your mortgage company if you’re facing foreclosure. 4 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Company If You’re […]

What is Foreclosure Loss Mitigation?

What is Foreclosure Loss Mitigation - Lee Legal

Foreclosure loss mitigation is the process that mortgage lenders use to work with homebuyers who are behind on their mortgages. You may be able to modify your mortgage, obtain approval of a short sale, or otherwise more efficiently surrender the property to your lender. Loss mitigation in Virginia and Maryland is very different from loss […]

What Is Mortgage Reinstatement?

What Is Mortgage Reinstatement -- Lee Legal DC VA MD

Mortgage reinstatement is your first and best loss mitigation option when facing foreclosure. Mortgage reinstatement means catching up your missed mortgage payments, along with all associated late fees and charges. To reinstate, you must pay the full amount due and owing in a single lump sum.  Mortgage companies rarely accept reinstatement amounts less than the amount […]

Loss Mitigation Waterfall Should Continue Post-MHA

mha loss mitigation waterfall

In July 2016 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a report titled Guiding Principles for the Future of Loss Mitigation. The report lists several “lessons learned” from the financial crisis and makes recommendations to mortgage lenders and servicers for a post-MHA era. One specific suggestion is the permanent adoption of the loss mitigation “waterfall” model. The […]

Foreclosures are Way Down, But Not in the District of Columbia

foreclosures are way down, but not in the District of Columbia

Nationally, foreclosures are way down, but not in the District of Columbia. According to CoreLogic’s National Foreclosure Report for June 2016, the U.S. foreclosure inventory declined by 25.9% and completed foreclosures declined by 4.9% compared with June 2015. The number of completed foreclosures nationwide decreased year over year represents a decrease of 67.5% from the […]

How to Write a Financial Hardship Letter

This article addresses how to write a financial hardship letter for loss mitigation, whether you’re seeking a modification, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or short sale. If you fall behind on your mortgage, you will have to submit a lost mitigation package to avoid foreclosure. Part of the loss mitigation package is the financial hardship letter (or “letter […]