Foreclosure Non-Retention Options

If you have a property in foreclosure, your mortgage lender will likely send you all sorts of correspondence. You may have modification or reinstatement options, which is great if you want to retain the property. But for a variety of reasons, the bank or servicer may not be willing to entertain modification or refinance. In […]

Will Foreclosure Affect My Spouse’s Credit?

Will Foreclosure Affect My Spouse's Credit?

When facing foreclosure, wanting to protect your spouse is a natural instinct. Whether your foreclosure will affect your spouse depends upon whether the mortgage loan was a joint debt. Going through a foreclosure is never easy. But a foreclosure is even more stressful when it affects loved ones, especially a spouse. Love makes you ask yourself the question: […]

Why Realtors Should Not Turn Away Bankruptcy Clients

Why realtors should not turn away bankruptcy clients

Realtors should not turn away bankruptcy clients.  In fact, realtors shouldn’t have many concerns at all if approached by a client in bankruptcy. In most cases, bankruptcy does not complicate real estate sales very much at all. If the client is in Chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy, usually the client needs cash quickly. Realtors often list […]

Boomerang Buyers Are Back!

Boomerang buyers are back from the housing crisis. “Boomerang buyers” is the name for homebuyers who had lost their homes to short sales and foreclosures during the housing crisis. Mortgage default rates skyrocketed in 2006, and in the years following nearly 9.3 million borrowers lost their homes. Today, over a million of these boomerang buyers […]