Top 7 Reasons People Declare Bankruptcy

July 24, 2018 Brian V. Lee

People don’t declare bankruptcy for the fun of it. Bankruptcy results from a financial hardship from which a person cannot recover within a reasonable amount of time. Lots of circumstances can lead to personal bankruptcy. Here are the top 7 [ . . . ]

Cherub Rock — Smashing Pumpkins

July 22, 2018 Brian V. Lee

Freak out And give in Doesn’t matter what you believe in Stay cool And be somebody’s fool this year ‘Cause they know Who is righteous, what is bold So I’m told Who wants honey? As long as there’s some money [ . . . ]

How to Prevent Foreclosure If You Lose Your Job

July 19, 2018 Brian V. Lee

Foreclosures in the United States have dropped to an 11-year low while unemployment has found a 44-year low. How the average American fares, however, does not reflect the circumstances of any particular individual. Statistics simply don’t make a difference when you’re [ . . . ]

I Need a Dollar — Aloe Blacc

July 15, 2018 Jonathan Archer

I need a dollar, dollar Dollar, that’s what I need I need a dollar, dollar Dollar, that’s what I need I said I need dollar, dollar Dollar, that’s what I need And if I share with you my story Would [ . . . ]

The Money — Lin-Manuel Miranda

July 8, 2018 Jonathan Archer

[NARRATOR] The next day, Justin brought a rolled-up baggie of marijuana to school for Naomi. [JUSTIN] And I was like, oh my god, I’m actually gonna do this. So we was in class, and I sat down right next to [ . . . ]

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