Don’t Face Your Debt Alone

Don’t face your debt alone. Hire a lawyer to stand up for you to your creditors. You want a lawyer who understands you and your goals. But also you want a lawyer who understands your creditors and the entire debt collection process. An advocate who will fight for you. Don’t face your debt alone. At Lee Legal, we fight for our clients.

Don’t Face Your Debt Alone

Form a Plan to Address Your Debt

You can simply pay a debt, if you have the ability and do not dispute the amount. Otherwise, you can address the debt by settling it, filing bankruptcy, or litigating on the debt. Lee Legal can help you explore which option is best for you.

Negotiation and settlement. Consider hiring an attorney to settle your debt if you have just one or two creditors. If you are facing litigation, hiring an attorney before you are sued can save you thousands of dollars. If the debt is older, but still affecting your credit, we may be able to settle your debt at a significant discount. Don’t wait until the last minute to preserve your legal rights.

Bankruptcy. Individuals with more than just a few creditors should also consider bankruptcy. In either liquidation (Chapter 7) or reorganization (Chapter 13) bankruptcy, we can address your debts all at the same time. Restructuring (Chapter 11) is also available for more complex cases. Lee Legal has filed bankruptcy for hundreds of individuals and businesses in the Washington, D.C. area.

Litigation. If the debt is not yours, or if the amount is overstated, you may need to litigate the debt. Should settlement negotiations prove unsuccessful, Lee Legal will vigorously enforce your legal rights in court. Up front, we will candidly inform you of your probability of success in court. We avail our clients of every opportunity to advance our litigation objectives.

Call Lee Legal to Discuss Your Case

Nearly everyone experiences some kind of financial crisis during his or her lifetime. Sometimes the solution is as simple as an adjustment in budget behavior. Other cases require sophisticated planning and tough decisions. If the debt cannot be settled or discharged, then you may need to litigate the debt. Debt matters can be overwhelming, but you should not allow yourself to become paralyzed by fear or indecision.

Lee Legal provides solutions. We make referrals to other attorneys on some matters, and we help the clients who we can help. If you are facing a debt situation and think you may need an attorney, don’t face your debt alone.

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