Debt Doesn’t Just Disappear

Debt collector phone calls and collection letters in the mail are never welcome yet must be dealt with all the same. For some, ignoring their debt is a direct result of not having the money to pay the debt. But know this: ignoring debt collectors will never remedy the situation. In fact, it could make it […]

Telltale Signs It’s Time to File for Bankruptcy

Telltale Signs It's Time to File for Bankruptcy -- LEE LEGAL -- DC VA MD Bankruptcy Lawyer

Living in a state of debt has become the accepted way of life for many. Although bankruptcy has become far more common than it was decades ago, it still intimidates many Americans who are in a situation where filing may be best. You should consider filing bankruptcy when what you owe exceeds what you can […]

We Fight the Good Fight

Lee Legal takes on just a few carefully selected litigation cases each year. Every story has two sides, but we prefer cases where our client has the better story. We prefer not just to win, but to be right. At Lee Legal, we fight the good fight. The relative size and resources of our opponent, […]

Don’t Get Mad — Get Paid

don't get mad -- get paid - lee legal - dc va md

Most of the civil litigation clients who come to see me want some person or company to pay them. You may be angry that the defendant has broken a contract or otherwise failed to deliver on some promise or warranty. You may even want the defendant to perform some specific action, and injunctive relief is sometimes […]

The Adversary Proceeding: Litigation in Bankruptcy Court

The Adversary Proceeding - Litigation in Bankruptcy Court

An adversary proceeding is a lawsuit filed within a bankruptcy case. Creditors, bankruptcy trustees, and other interested parties can file adversary proceedings in a bankruptcy, as can the bankruptcy filer. Bankruptcy offers both debtors and creditors finality in the adjudication of debts. An adversary proceeding is litigation in bankruptcy court to resolve the obligations of […]

What To Do When You Get Sued

What To Do When You Get Sued

You cannot prevent a plaintiff from suing you. The case may have no merit, and the plaintiff may even be guilty of abuse of process. But you cannot avoid litigation if the plaintiff names you as a defendant. Here’s what to do when you get sued. Don’t Freak Out Maybe you were expecting a lawsuit. […]

Top 5 Worst Debt Collection Defenses

Top 5 Worst Debt Collection Defenses

Good debt collection defenses flow from the specific circumstances of the debt. Bad debt collection defenses merely delay the lawsuit without changing its outcome. And the worst debt collection defenses are irrelevant, waste the court’s time, and possibly add costs and fees to your balance. Here are the Top 5 Worst Debt Collection Defenses. I Can’t Afford to […]

Sometimes Being Right Isn’t Enough

sometimes being right isn't enough

You know you’re right. The other person knows you’re right. Every reasonable person with an objective perspective on the facts would agree: “You’re absolutely right!” Unfortunately, sometimes being right isn’t enough. Some people are really stubborn. Some people just don’t like to admit they’re wrong. Others don’t want to have to pay money if they think they can worm […]

Why is My Mortgage Company Suing Me in Washington, DC?

With just 97 completed foreclosures, the District of Columbia had the nation’s lowest annual number of completed foreclosures in January 2016. But Washington, D.C. also had the fourth highest foreclosure inventory rate in January 2016 at 2.3 percent. So why is my mortgage company suing me in Washington, D.C.? The answer is: because now they have […]